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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is 37 Middle Aged??

Emily is telling Hannah and I yesterday about an assembly they had at school yesterday. Hannah asked her how old the performers were and Emily says probably middle aged. I asked what age that was and she said my age. What???? I then asked Dan what he thought was middle aged and he said "probably my age", he is now 40. Am I that close to middle aged???

On another note, Hannah was babbling the other day (she does that so often) and one thing I really got out of it was how she explained to me how they don't always like me taking pictures of them and pictures of the things they do all the time but she said they sure love to look at the pictures and see the scrapbooks. Warmed my heart I tell ya.

I got my first call from the principal yesterday. Benjamin bit a classmate at recess. Yikes. I told her he doesn't do that (what parent doesn't say that) normally. He has only bitten someone when they are either being playful or someone has really pissed him off. So on our walk from the bus I asked him what happened at school today and he said "Mom, Finn & me just hate eachother". I proceeded to tell him that if that is true they should stay away from eachother and that biting is not acceptable behavior. Later as we were making a picture/apology for Finn, Benjamin starts wondering if Finn is making him one. I asked why that would be because you bit him. He looks at me perplexed and says "Because he punched me". Well, I wasn't told that by the principal.

We found out "Iris" will cost between $1700-$2300 for repair so...We are in search of a new (old) car for us. Can't wait to watch the vp debates tonight and see what is said.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I think middle age is 50 because I want to live to be 100!! So you are a looong way from middle age girl!! I can so relate to you in your blog about being busy, busy, busy and then crabby, crabby, crabby because you can't get anything done! But days do get least I am thinking they have/will!! I feel for you with your having to say goodbye to your pet. We, too, had to make that call for our first baby, Jingles the cat. This too will get better with time. Hope things are getting better for you these days!!
Terri Lynn