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Monday, October 13, 2008

Friend For Hire?

Our poor little buddy. Sundays are so lonely for him when we get home from church & soccer. His buddy Jarek usually spends the day at his Grandma's, buddy Jake spends the day with family and the other neighborhood kids stay in. He just wants to play. Yesterday he asked me if he could sell lemonade outside. I explained it was like 45 degrees outside I didn't think people would stop and buy it on such a cold day. He then asked me how to spell partner? I asked why he went on to explain he was going to make a sign and look for a partner to go onto business with and play. He wrote his name on it and $1.00 and then the word "eartner", he thought I said E and not P. (He put Hannah & $2.00 and Emily $3.00 ~ not sure what it all meant but...)He sat up on the corner in his little chair waiting for a friend. He said a girl stopped and looked at his sign and then drove off. I got kind of concerned about him just sitting there with a sign and made him come home. He wasn't too happy with me but guess what ~ Jarek got home and called Benjamin to play so all was right in his world again!

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go mom go said...

Better watch out mom! He might just pick up a GIRLfirend out there. He is a cutie-pa-tutie!