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Monday, October 20, 2008

Emily is so grounded from the car

Okay, so if you recall "Iris'" (our purple van) reverse went out almost a month ago now. I have done really well when I am driving it to really think through my arrangements for the day, how I am going to park at a location, how I am going to get to a location (if it's a dead end) and so forth. Saturday, Dan had to take "Mike" the green van to Superior. Emily had a soccer tournament and we (the kids & I) would just be around town so we were going to be drving Iris. We had a one hour break and decided to head out for some lunch. We got to the restaurant and there was no other cars in the parking lot, we realized it was only 11:05, but we pulled up and parked and saw they opened at 11. We filed out and had lunch and got back in the car to head off, I buckle up Benjamin and put the keys in, start the car and go to back up. UGH!!! "Umm, guys", I say, "no one reminded Mom not to pull in and park like this...we don't have reverse!" Hannah goes on to explain to me how I SHOULD have parked over along the side, um, thanks Hannah. I realize that, if only someone would have remembered that before we pulled in. I had Emily get behind the wheel and I was going to try to push her back, it's a pretty big parking lot with only two other cars in it and it is flat. I thought if I got her back a bit I could get in and we would drive off. Well, I wasn't able to push all! So I went into the restaurant and grabbed two workers to help. I felt a little weird getting in the drivers seat and making them push me (like I was queen or something) but really nothing was going to happen, right? We got it pushed back and then it rolled forward a little. We told Emily we were going to push back again and we did and then the guy told her to push the brake. Well, Emily doesn't know the brake from the gas pedal. Really what 12 year old does? She pushed the gas pedal and *BOOM* hit one of the two other cars in the lot. UGH!! Everyone was fine and the impact was pretty minimal. The car next to us will need a new back seat passenger door but everything else was fine. In fact, Iris, was not impacted at all. She's a trooper! Stupid #$%%^$### van! We are totally on the look out now for a new, old car. We have to put Iris down...she is going down.

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