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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Jinxed Myself

Joann's (my step mom in law) daughter noted on facebook last week she was home from work with a sick child. I commented I was jealous because I would love a day at home (aka away from work), even if it meant dealing with a sick child. Well, last night Hannah woke up puking, she didn't tell us though, only woke up her roommate (Emily), as she proceeded to puke in the garbage can and not come up to the bathroom. She was too lazy! So this morning, I was kind of stoked, I know, wrong, right? But I would stay home with Hannah, Dan was heading off to Helena. Well, I wasn't feeling too hot and then Emily calls she feels like she is going to puke and doesn't want to embarrass herself at school and be that middle schooler who puked at school. So I headed off to pick her up. My friend commented to me that maybe I should stop and just get Benjamin on my way back home. I didn't and he was fine! Good thing he had a play date after school with a girl! (at her house) Hopefully, the girls feel better for tomorrow night - trick or treating! They are on the mend and doing well. I am headed off to the job tomorrow ~ ugh!

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