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Thursday, October 16, 2008

50 Things I Betcha Didn't Know About Me!

My friend Carrie tagged me to do this. It sure took a whole day of thinking, can be boring to read, can be interesting. Who knows?? I am attaching a photo I found of me when I was 21. Funny! Olan Mills, man, they did some great work, didn't they? And I know - you love the bow!

1. I was raised Catholic
2. I now consider myself a Christian - practicing Presbyterian
3. I have played on the same BUNCO group for 11+ years
4. I had a breast reduction in the early 90's
5. I went to an All Girl High School (9th-11th grade), wore a uniform too!
6. I knew my hubby two weeks before we decided to get married (2 weeks later)
7. I am ADDICTED to Facebook - love it!
8. I have met the Rolling Stones
9. I met George Strait
10. I met Joe Elliott from Def Leppard too
11. I saw Rick Springfield in concert three years ago - awesome!
12. I moved across country with a boyfriend after high school
13. I used to own a bow in almost every color (see pic)
14. I have one cavity (and I only got it in the last few years)
15. I played basketball in high school
16. I was PTA President at the girls' school
17. I am deathly afraid of mice (or rats or hamsters)
18. I was on a bowling league for the last 6 years (average 140)
19. I am on a golf league
20. I don't know my left from my right, unless I do the L on my left hand, Dan taught me that
21. I own $1000s of dollars worth of unused scrapbook supplies
22. I was an Honor Student in high school
23. I played volleyball in high school
24. I hit a boat with my moms car when I was in high school
25. My first concert was the Monkees
26. I have never seen a James Bond 007 movie
27. I am not a cat lover
28. I played soccer in high school
29. I would love to get a degree - but in what and how?
30. I received over 4000 votes in the school board election this year and won a seat on the Missoula County School Board as a trustee
31. I can drive a stick shift
32. I love goober grape (the peanut butter/jelly concoction)
33. My first car was a slug bug (volkswagon bug: smiley the man getter)
34. I always wanted to own a Hallmark shop
35. I've had a mammogram
36. I've been water & snow skiing only once each
37. I am a BIG cry baby
38. I change my purses with the season or color of my outfit
39. I would love to go to the Superbowl, the Olympics, a pro football game - someday
40. I don't know how to text on my cell phone
41. I wear contacts
42. I am a perfectionist
43. I want to see the Oprah show live before she retires
44. I've made love outside (ooo laaa laaa)
45. I love to vacuum - I love to see the lines in the carpet, it's a high
46. I can't play an instrument of any kind
47. I love mayonnaise with my french fries (gross & more fattening, I know)
48. I am the oldest (by 6 years) with two younger sisters
49. I worry I will die young and not see my kids grow up
50. I wish I would read the Bible everyday


Michele said...

Love, love, love it! I didn't know most of those. I use to have bows too, ugh! This will be a hard one to do for me...we'll see. Good reading!

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly! We would be trouble! I like mayo with my fires too...but there is nothing like Chick-fil-a mayo. Y'all don't have a Chick-fil-a do you? And...I do the "L" thing too! Except, your the only person I am admitting that to. I usually play it off like I "pretending" to be one of my students.

And this is random...but my BFF used to listen to song. She always told me that she knew it wasn't about this...but she imagined meeting her husband when she listened to it! Now we can't here it without giggling.

Connor Corneil said...

i love mayo with my fries too well see ya later

Anonymous said...

I LOVED reading the 50 things about you!! I am always so impressed with people's "things" and think I would not have 50 things to say about myself!! Hope all is well in your world! I sure love keeping up with you and your family through your blog!
Terri Lynn

Kaylene said...

If you ever need a "high" your welcome to come on over to my house, I have my own vacuum you can use! Love the 50 things, it was fun to read!!!! Oh, and let me know when I can help you out with your lined high, anytime is great for me!!