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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I want Benjamin's life

Our little buddy has been so funny lately with his realizations. He shouts from his room the other day "ummm, somebody my hamper is really full" which I translate to someone do my laundry. Then this morning I am in the bathroom getting ready for work and he comes in the bathroom with his lunch box and says "um, Mom, I'm having cold lunch today" and shakes his lunchbox "there's no peanut butter and jelly sandwich in here" which I again translate to get your butt in gear and make me my lunch! I wish I would just say my thoughts out loud and they would magically get done! What a world that would be!


Spinder said...

That is hilarious, and oh so true in my house too!

SCB said...

I want Benjamin's life too. By the way, my laundry basket is full too. Would you mind? :)