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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cancer Sucks!

This may have been a title I've already used but it deserves to be stated again. My neighbor, Paula, passed away last night from colon cancer. When we were building our house we met the new neighbors and found out that Paula had colon cancer - at that moment I wanted to run. We had just lost Dan's mom the December before and I had just got back from Pennsylvania where I was watching a family friend die of cancer. I told Dan that I didn't want to live there, I didn't want to get close to someone again that was going to die of this horrible disease. Well, obviously, we stayed and we got to know Paula. She was a fighter - there was times that I couldn't see the cancer winning. We haven't seen her much and assumed she was resting. In the last few weeks more and more cars have shown up outside our house and we have assumed that death was looming. I was so sad because I just didn't feel comfortbale enough to go stop in and see her, yet, I never got to say good bye. Kaylea, her daughter who was one of my middle schoolers when I was working with them at church years ago, she is now in college, instant messaged me this morning that her momma had passed away last night. Cancer sucks! Rest in Peace Paula!

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