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Monday, April 20, 2009

Psycho Kelley Here...

So I am bummed. Last year when Dan and I were losing weight and getting healthy I had a few pairs of pants and shorts that were TOO big. (How nice is that?) Well, I got all healthier then thou and sold them at my yard sale. You know the old, I will never fit into these again. So I am bummed. I think they would fit me perfect right now and now they are gone! I am bummed because they WOULD fit me now and then I am bummed because I don't have them here to wear and they WOULD be comfy to wear and I don't want to go spend more money on my fatassitis (as Dan refers to the disease he suffers from).

So here is how psycho I can be. I used to buy clothes a size or two smaller, hoping that by next season they would fit me, especially if they were on clearance and cheap. It was motivation, right?? Wrong! It just made me feel like crap when I looked in my closet and had clothes that didn't fit me. I bought last fall a pair of Liz Claborne jean shorts, size 12 and a Large LC t-shirt, for like $1.97 each. Well, I've had them hanging right next to my bed for the last month or so and it still hasn't motivated me. They are just hanging there and I am still all fat & sassy!

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