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Monday, April 27, 2009

Blizzards For Dinner??

Yesterday the kids all scored goals at their soccer games. We told them if they met their GOALS we gave them they could get a Blizzard at Dairy Queen. Emily had to score 1 Goal, Hannah 3 Goals and Benjamin 3 also. It has been wicked, busy on Sundays with the girls having softball practice right after soccer games and this Sunday I had an Uppercase Living party in Stevensville. I got back into to town and ran into Costco and Super Walmart to get our weekly groceries and then picked up Benjamin & Hannah from the softball fields and got their blizzards at about 6:45. (Emily got hers at 8) They were eating them up and they asked "what's for dinner?", I told them they were eating it. "Blizzards?" they asked. I said when we got home they could have a sandwich for snack if they wanted. Blizzards for dinner don't happen very often!


Tana Lambert said...

You're making me hungry, now I want a blizzard. Maybe I will suggest it for dinner tonight!

Spinder said...

As crazy as it sounds...they will remember that forever!