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Friday, May 1, 2009

I Know God Has My Back

This was my status this morning on facebook, yes, this morning, I change my status a few times a day. Anyways - of course a friend made a silly comment about my front and such but I had two people question me about my faith. How do I know God has my back?? I've been in a bad place for awhile now. Trying to make things better for our family but not 100% positive that things I'm doing are right. I THINK they are but who really knows, right? Yesterday was a bad day I cried for, well, pretty much most of the morning and afternoon. I was in the car driving just questioning EVERYTHING and had SOS Radio on, the Christian radio station. They start talking about the unknown and changes we make in life and never really knowing what is the right thing to do but that God has our back. It was kind of like a scene from a Ron White stand up comedy routine, the one where he says he's laying around watching tv and someone pops up on the screen and says are you laying around watching tv right now? Um yeah. Are you eating cheetos in your underwear? Um yeah. Are you going to send us $100? Close one but no... It was like the radio was talking to me but it really wasn't the radio was it? It was God. Giving me my sign I always want. Saying he knows how I'm feeling. He's there. He's got my back. Things are still unknown but it sure made me feel better knowing God has my back!

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