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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I want a boring life

Okay, I know there are people out there that have boring lifes, nothing ever happens to them. I would love to try that life. Sunday night we went to some friends for dinner (I will not mention their names to protect the innocent & the guilty) and we had a real nice time when we went to leave we realized that their son had drived into the back of Mike, our van. Ugh! He was in a Suburban and probably didn't feel a think but Mike got pretty beat up and is not drivable since his back light is hanging! The adjuster said he would get to look at it between Wednesday and next Monday. What?? We have to wait a week for him to even look at the damage? We had driven it to our body shop, well the body shop we use quite often since our life can't be boring! We have now been waiting for Enterprise to bring us a rental car and that hasn't happened yet. We have 3 cars; Mike - beat up, Iris - only drives in one direction and Fred. Oh, Fred. So Fred's gas gauge is not working and last night Emily and were driving down Hillview to the YMCA and all of a sudden the battery light came on and the car felt weird. I am driving down a slippery Hillview and the brakes aren't working...I am freaking out but just trying to stay calm and listening to Emily tell me about her day at school. I finally got Fred to stop and put it in park and tried to start it. Nothing. I call Dan, "could Fred be out of gas?", he thinks it could be. Ugh! Atleast the gas station was across the street. So we leave Fred in the middle of the street and walk over to the gas station, of course they don't have a gas can we can borrow only one we can buy. I think we now own 4-5, we don't need another one. One of the guys working says he will help push Fred across the street to the station. I look at Emily and then remember to tell the guy that I can't help push because I cannot have Emily behind the wheel since she has already done that and hit another car. The guy just looks at me. I'm like "that's a whole nother story". Well, they, Emily and the gas station guy pushed us across the street and then kind of got stuck in a little rut so then, finally, 4 other guys popped out of no where and helped push me to the pump. We filled up and drove off! Oy!

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