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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life in the slow lane

I don't really have anything upbeat or different to blog about today but I don't like that last blog being the last thing I have to say. So, I am going to blog today about those funny kids of ours. On Sunday, Benjamin asked as we were going to church why everyone doesn't go to church. I told him some people have different relationships with God and that some people don't believe in God, you should have seen his face. He just couldn't comprehend that one! Emily went away on a Middle School Ski Trip last weekend with church. She is always silly 'cause she expects us to just sit around and not have a life while she is gone. Hannah and I scrapbooked Sebastian and made her a cute page of pics she loved of him and then framed it. Em was so upset we did this without her. I asked what she wanted us to do while she was gone and she says "oh, yeah, of course, you have nothing to do while I'm not here to torture". MY thoughts exactly...whatever!

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