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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Hirning Style

This Christmas was the biggest Christmas our kids ever had, and we are the brokest (is that a word?) we have ever been BUT we kind of had some money we had to spend on fun gadgets (long story) so the kids lucked out. Christmas eve we headed to church for the Childrens Service and then we usually come home and have an appetizer type dinner and open presents from us. Benjamin was so excited to get ready and the first present he picked to unwrap I thought "oh no he won't be that excited" - it was a $1 Hot Rod Calendar. Boy, was I wrong! He was so excited. Then when he got to pick his second, see we watch each person unwrap the gift and then it goes on to the next person to unwrap and so on, I was concerned again but he was soooo excited for his "Nascar Brown Sugar Pop Tarts" a box just for him. The kids had one BIG present togther to open from Grandma & Grandpa and there was one present to them from us as well. We decided to have them open the one from G & G. Rock Band for the Wii. I get tears in my eyes thinking back to the moment they opened it and realized the other box was a Wii. They were screaming. It was pretty exciting and so great to see them so happy & grateful.

I've included pictures of Christmas Eve: Benjamin and his $1 calendar, the opening of Rock Band and playing, Benjamin changing his pjs to wear his new Lego Star Wars pjs and Benjamin spreading the reindeer food out in the yard.

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