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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

He Can't Help Himself!

Benjamin is a ladies man. Always has been. Girls of all ages flock to him. Because of the Mueller boys most girls at Sentinel know and love him. But at Cold Springs, his school, he really is the LADIES MAN. It is actually scary you can't walk through the hall without a girl saying "Hiiii Benjamin" and Benjmain stopping to give that girl a hug. It could be a 5th grader, it could be a kindergartner or any age in between. I picked him up from school last week, to hunt for some missing gloves in the lost and found, and one minute he is behind me and the next he is not. And I heard lots of "Hiii Benjamins" he finally catches up with me and he says "Sorry Mom but when the girls say hi I always have to stop and hug them cause they are soo cute". Boy, are we going to have some problems with our little player!

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Darlene M said...

And look at those beautiful girls of yours!! You are in big trouble, my friend :)