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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Emily Made Me Do It!

Emily started a blog a few weeks back - I have enjoyed reading it and it has made me want to blog again. I want to scrapbook again too but that is for another time. Hey! Maybe during my winter break when I have almost all of January off!

Since I started talking about Emily and am doing this again because of her I thought, hey, what the heck, I'll tell some Emily stories.

A few days ago the song "I loved her first" came on the radio and Emily was like "I want this song played at my wedding" and all I did was say 'oh I know, it's gonna be" and she looked at me and went off and said I am not allowed to be planning her wedding now or ever! I wanted a evening wedding on a brisk November evening. My three attendants were going to wear Emerald, Garnet and Sapphire velvet dresses. I have told her I would love for her to have that wedding - the wedding I never got. Is that so wrong?? She says I am not planning her wedding. I am not allowed to have anything to do with the day. I explained to her I am sure she will change her mind. Won't she???

Another funny Emily story? Hmmmm...high school has been interesting. The stories she tells me that she sees or hears scare me half to death but then I remember being in high school too and things haven't changed much. I guess just that I am the mom now - the one worrying about these crazy kids.

My new thing to do is scream "MAKE GOOD CHOICES" when we drop her off anywhere. We dropped her off at a LDS Church Halloween party. I shouted my usual. And she screamed back, as she walking in the door, "I'M GONNA MAKE OUT WITH A NICE MORMON BOY IN THE CORNER. THEY KISS SO NICE." Ugh! What am I gonna do with her? She was very excited about this dance though. After going to her first high school dance and seeing all the kids grinding she was not very fond of the dance. The Mormon dance had rules - girls had to cover most parts of their bodies and she said the dancing was so fun, cause they danced!

She is a good kid and making good choices everyday - at least I think. She may have us fooled!

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Carrie Godfrey said...

good to see a post from Kelley! It has been way too long! Hope all is well and glad those mormon kids were behaving good! :)