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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Best Show You've Never Watched

Friday Night Lights is an amazing show. As we get closer and closer to being caught up and it being over I am so sad. Like I want to cry sad. Literally. How sad is that?

Dan and I were talking about it yesterday and it just seems the show never got a fair chance. Who puts a show on Friday nights? I remember years ago seeing the commercials and thinking that looks like a pretty good show but who is ever really sitting in front of the tv Friday nights? As Dan said he read somewhere "You either love it or you never watched it." Dan loves it - it reaches guys with the football thing, I think especially if you ever played before. It's like watching Kenny Chesney's The Boys of Fall video for an hour. It pumps you up, gets you feeling like you are in that locker room. I love it because of the relationships and the football. Coach Taylor and Tammy have a pretty good marriage that they work at every day but at the end of the day they know other has their back. Emily loves it because of the high school part of it. She gets to see lots of ways to not act in high school and some ways to act. She gets to see first loves and mean girls.

Just not sure what is going to happen soon. Sorry to see them all go. If you get a chance, sit down and watch an episode. You'll be hooked!

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