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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Picture That Got Away

Dan and I recently found the tv show Friday Night Lights. Have you seen it before? Oh my it is amazing. I remember when it was on NBC a few years back. On a Friday night, was never really around to catch it. Well ABC family brought it back and we started DVRing every episode. We were hooked. Emily too. Well then ABC Family decidedto stop showing it. What the heck? We were into the second season! We found that season available for rent at Hastings but then they had no other ones, there is still two more seasons. Well all is good in the world, found them at Crazy Mikes video.

Anyway back to the reason for this post (again in less than a week!!!) there is a relationship in that show with the QB2, Matt Saracen, and his Grandma. They have a great, amazing relationship - always reminds me of my Grandma. Hard to believe it's been 5 years now. And still hard to believe that my Grandma actually aged and died. Still so hard.

In the episode we watched last night they showed Matt helping his Grandma walk. He just had his hand on her back and it was so sweet. Reminded me of the last time I was with my Grandma. They had moved her out of her house. And she was living in a little place with others around. Not assisted living. Yet. But a cute little apartment. Benjamin and I were in Erie and you know I can't remember why? Maybe my uncle's funeral? Anyway we went to hang out with her and the three of us went for a walk around her place - the place was built right off the shore of Lake Erie. It was a beautiful walk. I remember I was holding my little guys hand, I think he was three and I was holding my sweet Grandma's hand - keeping her steady and upright. I always wished someone was there to take a picture of that. From behind. My hands locked in place with Benjamin's and Grandmas. Three generations. When I picture that picture it makes me all warm and cozy.

There is one more picture I always wish I had too but I think I have blogged about this before - way back in the beginning. Dan's Grandma and Grandpa holding hands. They were the sweetest little couple and oh how they loved each other. Holding hands for over 70 years - what a testimony to love. When Grandpa passed away a few years ago that was what made me so sad. We didn't get that picture of their sweet little bodies walking in front of us - with their hands interlocked. Would have been something for generations to come. Especially with divorce becoming more and more prevalent - could have given our kids, grand kids, heck great grand kids something to see. That love and marriage can prevail for years. Over seventy years.

Makes me sad the pictures that are only in my head. The pictures that got away.

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