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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Day???

Today is a snow day in Missoula. November 23rd. One day before Thanksgiving Break and we get a snow day. I think we got about a foot of snow but it's below freezing outside and blowing. Unsafe for anyone to be outside or drive.

The last time I remember a snow day was when Emily had just turned one. I remember the whole town was basically closed. We had gotten so much snow that year. I know this is the first Snow Day our kids have ever had at school but not sure when the last one was in Missoula. It doesn't happen often. If anything we have a two hour delay but not a school cancelling.

Even though it is so cold outside I'm sure the kids would love to go sled and play outside. Poor Benjamin had that "third nipple" removed yesterday. His birthmark/mole removed on his chest area yesterday and has 8 stitches. He needs to keep it easy. He is not allowed to run or jump around. He needs to keep it easy. Did I mention for the next 10 days?? How do you keep a 7 yr old boy down? For 10 days? Any ideas?

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