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Sunday, May 17, 2009

15 yrs and still going strong

Today is our 15th anniversary! It hasn't been an easy 15 years but here we are still going strong. They were so many skeptics that thought we wouldn't make it but we have.

Dan and I met April 11, 1994 in Cocoa, FL one our first date he told me he was moving back to Montana the first part of June - I remember sitting there thinking "what do I care, it's not like I'm gonna marry the guy". Here I am sitting in Montana and in June I will be here for 15 yrs. I guess it did matter!!!

We were married May 17, 1994 in Melbourne, FL and they only reason we "waited" and chose that date was because it was my grandparents anniversary!

Dan and I head out tomorrow for a few days in Seattle. Excited to get away. It's for Dan's summer meeting so there is some "work" but most of all it's play and being together without those kids! Looking forward to it! Love you honey!

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