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Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Reasons I Love Benjamin

10. He is my baby boy I always dreamed for.
9. He is a sweetheart to all - very loving little boy
8. He is so smart - I am amazed by him and what he knows and asks - very inquisitive
7. He is all boy - loves cars, army guys, dirt, bikes, video games, sports, NASCAR
6. He is the perfect size - I know he sometimes gets a little sad since he is like the littlest kid in his class but I think I would go crazy if he was growing any bigger any faster! His little hand fits perfectly in mine!
5. He loves his Mommy & Daddy and is not afraid to tell us or show it!
4. He may drive his sisters crazy but they all love each other and would go crazy without each other.
3. Everybody loves Benjamin - he is just a sweet, fun, polite, cute boy that always has a smile!
2. His beautiful blue eyes!
1. He brings such joy to our household - I can't imagine, err, I can't fathom life without him. He makes me smile every single day!

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