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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Benjamin's First GRIZ football Game

Dan and I have had our season tickets for the GRIZ games for about 5 years now. We love them and it's quality time for us. We only have 2 tickets but I have lots of friends that have tickets for their kids. We've sometimes felt bad that we leave our kids every Saturday home game but then it is our together time. We relish it! In the past there has been a game or two that one of us couldn't make for whatever reason and usually Emily has gotten invited with the parent going. I've always thought it would be something Benjamin would love - the atmosphere, the people, the game, watching Monte...I know lots of people that just bring their little people in without a ticket, we have always been afraid to try it - I mean it's not like we can look at Benjamin and say "well, you gotta sit here on this sidewalk for 3 hours till Mommy and Daddy are done with the game" because I ain't giving up my ticket and I don't think Dan would either! Well 1st home game of the season was yesterday and Emily, our built in babysitter is out of town for the weekend and Hannah got invited to the game with Kendall so we thought this would be the time to take Benjamin for his first Griz football experience. We still get the corporate brunch tickets from Pizza Hut so we took him out to the Sky Club for a nice breakfast and then we hit some tailgates. Our friends Mary & Tim happened to have an extra ticket to the game and gave it to us in case we needed it for Benjamin. Well we did. The guy took the two tickets Dan handed him and then looked at me alike where was my ticket so I gave him the other one. I guess we can't "TAKE" Benjamin into the games! That's okay, he ended up being pretty bored and was ready to leave during the first quarter. Hannah also did not have fun and was "bored". Bored at a GRIZ game?? Are we sure these two are our kids???

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