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Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day School Blues ~ Nah!

The kids all started school today. Emily the BIG 8th grader, Hannah is starting middle school in 6th and Benjamin is going into 1st. When did they all get so grown up?

It really wasn't a hard day - Hannah didn't seem anxious or nervous at all. She was my big worry - starting a new school. She did miss the bus home though and that's in part to her wonderful BIG sister. Who watched her get in the wrong line and then watched the bus leave with Hannah not on it! Good thing Em has a cell phone to call us and let us know Hannah wasn't on the bus! Ugh!!!

Benjamin wanted us to take him to school. He was so funny once we got there and saw all his little friends - his cute little grin!

Best thing about Emily's day? Getting her oboe back

Best thing about Hannah's day? Lunch

Benjamin's day? Recess

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