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Friday, February 6, 2009

Hannah and The Bee, Spelling, that is

Hannah amde the spelling bee at her scool. They pick 5 kids in each 5th grade classroom by holding spelling bees and the top 5 get to participate in the bee. Hannah was the 3rd one picked in her class, she was #2 in the first and second rounds! Yesterday was the BIG day and she was such a nervous wreck. Dan had to work so he was unable to come but Emily wanted to come so I stopped and picked her up on the way! When it was Hannah's turn to get up, she did such a great job. She was very loud and annunciated so well. She got through the first two rounds, maybe three now that I think of it and on the next one she was asked to spell - Ground. She looked so secure and strong when delivering the spelling - G-O-R-U-N-D. I was sending her brain waves to stop and think about it but she said, "ground". I knew she was disappointed in herself but I was so proud. She ended up in 11th place. After it was all over she started crying and was so upset. I explained to her that she did a wonderful job and that we were proud of her. Emily did too. And then lots, and I mean lots, of friends came up and hugged her and said "Oh Hannah you did great...better than me...or you made it, I didn't". My camera died as I went to take a pic but I took a pic on my cell phone I'll try to upload it! Hannah we love you and are so proud of your accomplishment!

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