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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Daughter Is The Coach's Daughter

Why do I let my personal emotions get so involved? Well, I guess first of all because I am a woman. That is what we do. But secondly some people are thinking negative thoughts about my family and I'm a Mama Bear and want to protect them.

It has come up recently that Hannah gets special treatments because she is a daughter of one of the coaches. I guess coaches children may get a little special treatment but I feel Hannah deserves the playing time she gets. That girl practices almost everyday. People don't realize that since they don't have practice daily that softball does not happen for Hannah daily. That is not true. Hannah wants to be a pitcher in college softball. If that is what Hannah wants, Hannah needs to pitch daily. Hannah pitches almost daily. And because she is the coach's daughter she doesn't get a break. Dan wants to go 24/7, Hannah not so much. But they compromise and they are throwing, pitching, even practicing hitting...pretty much every day.

Why do I let it bother me what other people think anyway? People are gonna think what they want to think. That is human nature. I know my daughter is a good player. I know she practices to keep her spot out on the field. What is the difference if her Dad stepped up to the plate and volunteers time to help coach her team? There isn't and there shouldn't be. Hannah deserves her time and place.

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