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Monday, December 21, 2009

I <3 Love this Town!

Friday night the Grizzlies were in Chatanooga getting ready to play Villanova in The FCS Championship Football game. The game was set to start at 6pm MST. All day, well, all week, people were stoked. So excited. Every morning Benjamin would wake up and say is today Friday yet?? You go out and you would see people decked out in their GRIZ gear, cars had their GRIZ flags out the windows, signs all over town were cheering the Grizzlies I love this town. You get so excited. So anxious. What a season the Grizzlies had this year. 14 and 0.

Friday night I ran down to grab some pizzas and neccesities for Emily's little gathering here for her birthday. It was 5:25. The game was starting soon. I ran into Little Caesar's - they said they are more busy for a game like this than Super Bowl. I then ran into Albertsons and everyone is hustling and bustling, and wearing their maroon! It was just electric and exciting! I was in the store about 10 minutes and I saw 10 people I knew - all different people from different scenarios in my world. Just weird but again, exciting. We all had beer or chips in our arms trying to get to the check out and get home to watch the BIG game. I just love how Missoula is this great little football town and how we love our GRIZ here.

The GRIZ lost 23-21 but still was a fun way to get the town together and excited for something. Now bring on Christmas...

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