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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Community Service

You do the crime, you do the time? Is that the saying. Oh my little litter bug. I don't know what it is with Benjamin but he feels a need to drop garbage on the ground rather than in a trash can. I told him next he was caught littering I was going to drive him to a park and make him pick up the garbage on the ground. Well after church on Sunday he got busted again. We were invited to Maura's for a family Christmas party ~ which Benjamin had a blast at last year. Dan dropped off the girls at the party and Benjamin had to go to Linda Vista Park and pick up garbage. Boy, he was crying. "I'm going to miss arts & crafts time" ~ last year Maura had them decorate cookies and a frame ornament for the tree and he did not want to miss that. We explained he was in trouble and had to do his time and then could go to the party. Dan asked him what he learned from the experience and he said "that he has garbage to pick up at the park". Well, yes but not that was what he was supposed to learn. We will see if he litters again! By the way he did not miss arts & crafts and was able to decorate cookies & an ornament!

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