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Sunday, June 21, 2009

10 Reasons They Love Daddy

For Fathers Day I had the kids sit down and make a 10 Reasons they love their Dad. Here you go, out of the mouth of our babes...

1. He cooks us delicious meals
2. He emboiders our names in stuff
3. He helps us with the sports we do
4. He knows how to make us happy
5. He teaches us about stuff we don't understand on tv
6. He drives us all over the US
7. He helps us with our hard homework problems
8. He works hard to support our family
9. He plays Wii with us
10. He's our Dad, duh!

Can't argue with any of these. The photo is courtesy from my friend Maureen, Maureen Roy Photography, from a softball tournament.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's Go Lady O!

Hannah is playing on a travelling softball, Lady Osprey, team this summer. What an awesome expereince it has been for her so far. This past weekend we played in a tournament in Polson. We purchased a two room tent this summer to help us with all the travelling we have planned. We camped this past weekend and this weekend we are headed to Anaconda.

The Lady Osprey is a great group of girls. And how proud all of us parents were. The girls ended up taking 3rd place - see the trophy. The championship game went into double overtime, boy, was that stressful! Hannah pitched most of the weekend and it's amazing the transformation that is happening there! She is awesome!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gaduation Day Pics - Too Cute

Mr Fines played Pomp & Circumstance and they each had their own little cap! It was way cute! And boy did I cry, it was sweet. We are going to miss Mr Fines - he was the best!

"Gaduation" Day

Today is the last day of school for the kids. Another school year gone. This year is hard though because Hannah will be heading to middle school next year and my little guy is done with Kindergarten and now will be a big 1st grader. All I have to say is Thank You God that Emily is not headed to highschool next year cause I don't know if this Mom could take that. Benjamin's teacher, Mr Fines, has been so awesome this year - Benjamin had a wonderful, wonderful school year. Mr Fines is having a little graduation (gaduation as Benjamin calls it) for the kids today! Can't wait. I also want to talk about Mr Smith, Hannah's teacher, he was the best too. So good for Hannah - he built her up and reminded us sometime that Hannah is trying her best. The kids all had a great bunch of teachers - next year will be hard to live up to this year. Looking forward to meeting new teachers and new experiences for the kids - I just wish they didn't have to grow up for it to happen!

This pic was taken of them the summer of 2004 in Spokane. How sweet! It's a scrapbook page I did entitled "there goes my life". (The Kenny Chesney song)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Hannah Montana Turns 11

I can't believe my baby girl is 11 today! Where does the time go? She'll be officially a middle schooler next week *gulp*. It makes me so sad I miss that little Hannah Bana but the older Hannah is turning into a beautiful young lady! I'm proud of her!