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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Gaduation" Day

Today is the last day of school for the kids. Another school year gone. This year is hard though because Hannah will be heading to middle school next year and my little guy is done with Kindergarten and now will be a big 1st grader. All I have to say is Thank You God that Emily is not headed to highschool next year cause I don't know if this Mom could take that. Benjamin's teacher, Mr Fines, has been so awesome this year - Benjamin had a wonderful, wonderful school year. Mr Fines is having a little graduation (gaduation as Benjamin calls it) for the kids today! Can't wait. I also want to talk about Mr Smith, Hannah's teacher, he was the best too. So good for Hannah - he built her up and reminded us sometime that Hannah is trying her best. The kids all had a great bunch of teachers - next year will be hard to live up to this year. Looking forward to meeting new teachers and new experiences for the kids - I just wish they didn't have to grow up for it to happen!

This pic was taken of them the summer of 2004 in Spokane. How sweet! It's a scrapbook page I did entitled "there goes my life". (The Kenny Chesney song)

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